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Builder 3.16.2 has arrived! I released 3.16.0 a couple weeks ago without much fanfare. Despite many months of 16-hour days and weekends, it lacked some ... GNOME - just tagged 3.16.3 into the wild. This is likely last 3.16 releases as we hope to start moving full speed ahead towards 3.18. So startup work for uses Mongo. have my own opinions Mongo, good, bad. decent amount experience with wire protocol. Using Mongo Protocol API services Over holidays often enjoy learning new data-structure by implementing it. year no different, implemented Trie (pronounced "try"). Data Structures: python code completion engine in MonoDevelop now faster. s was simple fix one that think gets overlooked too these "dynamic Faster

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Programming is not a spectator sport ... I'm offline for the next two weeks, visiting Morocco. The time away is quite welcomed. - Came for the beer, stayed for the Freedom > Programming is not a ...